Chill generation

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Central chill generation

This solution for chill generation is designed for high-end interior cooling demand. It uses solar hot water modules (vacuum tubes technology) as the primary energy source. It utilizes cascade of gas boilers with ability to provide hot water generation as well.

  • Chill generation – absorption chill generator (up to 300kW)
  • Chill preservation – thermally insulated cold water containers
  • Chill distribution – distribution of cooling water to target areas
  • Individual consumption on demand

The system supports central control management for fully automatic operation. It can be controlled manually from the office headquarters

Wall / ceiling mounted DC Solar Air-Conditioners

Suitable for residential houses, retail stores, etc. Silent operation, adopts advanced off-center blades and foam air duct. Threre are two types available:

  • 100% solar AC – 4 or 6 working hours with fully charged battery without the sun energy
  • Hybrid Solar AC