Solar facades

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Non-Ventilated Facades

The use of insulating glass with Schüco ProSol TF allows a win- dow or a semi-transparent or opaque non-ventilated façade to take on many functions of the building envelope at the same time: weather resistance, thermal insulation, solar shading, energy generation, colour and design, depending on client requirements. In addition to increasing the energy efficiency of the real estate by generating solar energy, it also enhances the image of the property and achieves attractive returns. The facade module combines attractive design with saving energy and generating energy and, due to its extensive transparency, creates great views to the outside. Incidental daylight creates an agreeable atmosphere. Schüco non-ventilated façades with ProSol TF have a cabling system with specially developed plug-in connections. The cable guide runs through special mullion profiles or cover caps to allow access to the cables at any time.

Ventilated Facades

Ventilated facade SCC 60 (Solar Cladding Construction) combined with Schüco ProSol TF is the flexible system solution for integrating innovative Schüco photovoltaic thin-film technology into large opaque facade surfaces in new buildings and renovations. Thanks to perfectly matched system components such as structural elements, ProSol TF thin-film modules and accessories, optimal predictability, future proofing and energy efficiency can be achieved. The optimum interface connection between façade system and photovoltaic modules achieves maximum cost and planning reliability and significantly accelerates installation and commissioning times.

Maximum solar outputs due to effective use of light

The Schüco ventilated façade SCC 60 (Solar Cladding Construc- tion) with Schüco ProSol TF, Schüco’s new window and façade module featuring inno vative photovoltaic thin-film technology, is a high-output and rational system solution for integrating thin-film technology in large-format, opaque façade surfaces in newbuilds and renovation projects. The advantage of amorphous thin-film technology lies in the effective use of light and the module’s low level of dependency on the outside temperature. As a result, the highest possible specific system outputs are achieved per installed kWp.

Facade construction

The Schüco ventilated facade SCC 60 combined with ProSol TF façade modules provide the rational system solution for curtain walls, and can be installed with or without thermal insulation and as requirements demand. The façade is attached using consoles, enabling fixture to load-bearing and non load-bearing substrates. The low installation height of the pressure plate maximizes solar output achieved by the ProSol TF modules.

Mullion section detail, Scale 1:3

Transom section detail, Scale 1:3

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